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Our mission is simple... .   Horse Rescue Scotland is a newly formed charitable organisation with the aim to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-Home horses and ponies that might otherwise face a very bleak future.    Horse Rescue Scotland will be aiming their efforts at a realistic and practical level rather than welfare issues.    At a granular level the downturn in the economy combined with environmental factors such as weather resulting in poor grass/ harvest has led to some horse owners struggling to maintain their horse’s health.  The net result is that all too often the horse suffers physically and emotionally.   We aim to offer help rescuing these horses and ponies to Rehabilitate and Re-home before they become extreme welfare cases or worse .......


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In a field, not very far from you is a horse or pony slowly decaying for want of proper care and management.  You might pass it every day on your way to or from work or dropping the kids off at school.    You might not have noticed that it is there, but it is. 

You might not have given it a second glance, so used as we are to seeing them.  But this horse is different.  It is rarely visited, rarely fed proper supplements and a stranger to farrier, dentist or vet. 

Its owner is absent for long periods of time.  This suffering through neglect may be for a whole variety of reasons and very often NOT through the deliberate cruelty of an uncaring owner.  More likely, the owner is ill or working away or unemployed and unable to meet the commitments needed to keep horses healthy and cared for. 

It’s not just the horse that needs help.....


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An appropriately rehabilitated and soundly trained horse or pony does have value.  There is invariably a demand for appropriate horses and ponies from accredited commercial establishments and from individuals. 

Horse Rescue Scotland certainly does not rule out the outright sale of stock to such establishments provided we are convinced that the horse or pony concerned is going to a good and appropriate home and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that is the case


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The feel-good factor of transforming the life of a horse by rehoming a horse is an immensely rewarding experience. From the moment you welcome your horse or pony, you have the good feeling of knowing you are giving your horse or pony a valued partnership for life.    When you take in your rescue horse or pony, you help other horses and ponies by making space at Horse Rescue Scotland.

There are always needy horses and ponies waiting to get into our centres. You know exactly what you are getting. All of our horses and ponies are fully assessed and come with health records, microchip and passport. You also get a frank and fair assessment of the ability and temperament of your horse or pony plus any unique traits it may have. The value of this honest appraisal and the resulting peace of mind will enable you to enjoy your new horse or pony with confidence.  If the horse or pony is not what you expected, you can return it to us.

A lifetime of advice and support becomes available when you rehome a horse or pony from Horse Rescue Scotland. Expert equine advisors are only a phone call away when you rehome one of our horses or ponies offering confidence and peace of mind.