01052014 Case ID 0004 aka Summer.  Month 1 Complete
Now into Week 6 and Looking Really Good

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   Monday 7th July

Week 6 of Summers life, her rehabilitation is progressing in leaps and bounds.    Excellant news indeed!

Diary of a Rescued Horse Week 6: Summer

Hey, guess what…I got moved to a new stable today…so did Zara. We just got moved in the same barn but a change is always exciting. That probably means there is something about to happen. Gabriel came in today and assessed me again and was happy with my development.

We got a new friend today. Maggie went into Isolation….she is not a rescue like me and Zara….she has an owner but is still isolated like we were. I told her it would be ok and she would get out soon. Its 21 days to chillax. Then Havana……I got taken out past the little field for my walk and guess what……I was put into this amazing huge field with room to run and play and graze and oooh everything a horse could want in life. Zara came too so the 2 of us had a great time exploring and saying hi to the ponies in the next field. We have made loads of new friends its jamming.

Totally over did it yesterday…of course. The field we are in is on a hill so I really exercised without realising I was doing a work out lol. Just feeling a bit stiff but that’s ok I will take it easy today. The Chairman of Horse Rescue Scotland came up to see me today and he was so pleased. He also looked a bit worried because we have cost the Charity a lot of money so we need lots of kind people to give a little to help pay for our rehab so if you have a spare £1 or more please send it in that would be fantastic thank you.

Gabriel the assessor came in today. He was pleased with my progress. I can move around more now and this is just what he wants to see. I lifted my hooves for him and he seemed impressed. I’m great at this stuff lol.

Today is “THE DAY” John the Farrier came to see me and YES I GOT 2 NEW Front shoes made just for me. My hind hooves were paired down and re-shaped because there was not enough hoof growth for me to have shoes put on. Now that I am feeling healthier I am sure I will grow more hoof and that will be a new back set of shoes for me soon.  It feels amazing. I can feel how it changes my posture already and is re balancing me. John & Ed I think I love you guys……thank you to everyone who made the donations that made the shoes possible….thank you.

I stayed in overnight to let the shoes settle as John & Ed use Hot Farriery. I had another assessment from Gabriel and that went well too. Zara and I went into the little field today and it was great because we could see everything that was going on. It’s a great place, everyone is happy and the horses and ponies are really friendly. I have lots of gossip to tell Maggie when I am back in the stable.

The Equine Behaviour Consultants came in for a wee while and worked with me. She spends more time with Zara but that’s cool. At walk time I was feeling superb with my new shoes…..I was so pumped up to be able to show them off to all the people at the stables on a weekend day. Zara was acting a bit strong being led so I told her to chill out because I really wanted to go my walk today. 3 leaders later and Zara came with me lol. Then to my surprise I went into the big field but it was not just me and Zara there was Sparkie, Topper and Crosbie in there too. This is too much fun for words…..let’s play……speak tomorrow…..diary over and out. xxxx

   Monday 30th June 2014

Week 5 of Summers happy life at Horse Haven Riding School for her rehabilitation.  How well have things progressed - read on below.

Diary of a Rescued Horse Week 5: Summer

Today is a chilling day. The lady groom came in and gently groomed me giving me a great groom paying special attention to getting rid of my scabby rain scald. It’s nearly all gone and my sheen will soon come back. I don’t like having these lesions on my skin so it will be ace when they are all gone. It’s kind of cool here, of people seem to want to come down and say hello to us so it is nice that we can see a few more people and other horses and ponies when we are out our walks. That makes life a bit more entertaining as they seem friendly and ask lots and lots of questions. I ask lots of questions right back at them like…any chance you could help donate some funds to help me and Zara get the recovery programme we are on motoring? There seems to be other horses and ponies in stables during the day and others out in fields. I am convinced it may be at a riding school where we live now which is cool because I think I will be able help at some point, new shoes gleaming of course….oh just had a wee thought I will need a saddle and a bridle. Ok no problemo I will work on ideas for that.

The assessor Gabriel came in today for more training. I am getting fitter now and have more strength in my hind legs which is good. I think my offside hind is a bit weak but the walks are really helping. I went a lovely walk and settled for the night. Then bam! There were loads of people who came to watch a “Show”. The place was jamming and exciting. Remember we have heard lots of children enjoying themselves while we have been here. Well, tonight there was a big event and the children who were only age 5 – 9 put on a show for their relatives. It was a great show, the audience loved it clapping and saying how wonderful the children were doing. The Volunteers from Horse Rescue Scotland were invited and Horse Haven Riding School made an appeal for us as their chosen charity. The relatives and friends who came to the show for the children donated some money to help us which was so very kind and I would like to thank you all so much. Every little helps. Thank you to the HRS volunteers who gave up their time for us. I can feel my new shoes getting nearer and nearer…..oh yes…..can’t wait.

The place was Jammin again this evening. Don’t get me wrong it’s all good here and I love my life now but I love it more when there is a bit if a buzz. The Show for the children age 10 – 14 took place this evening and again Horse Haven Riding School nominated Horse Rescue Scotland as their chosen Charity. The relatives were very generous and it was a great fund raiser. Thank you. Maybe we have enough money raised to fund some shoes for me I really need them. Thank you again. To all the HRS volunteers too who gave up their time, thank you.

I went a lovely walk again today, the assessor Gabriel assessed that I am doing well walking a bit better and socialising with people and horses. I am rocking this joint. I do believe I have a lot to give back when I am fit and well and it has a lot to do with being in a healthy care programme and a routine to help with small gains in my health. That takes the boredom away for me which is essential as I can get a bit cranky if I am bored.

I am rockin the rehab! Each time I go my walk I seem to be walking better and I am able to get a little further around the yard where I live. It all looks so inviting there are arenas to ride in and fields to play in as well as lots of stables. The path we walk on is nice and level so I am finding thus quite good for my walking especially my hind legs. Still feeling them a bit weak but I don’t think they are as puffy. There are lots of things to see and it is nice to watch all the horses and ponies playing in the fields. There are lots of grooming pairs and some of them play cool games with each other. I’m gonna have a great yahoo when I get in the field.

The assessor, My Angel Gabriel assessed some new areas today. Because I have been so good at my walking he was extremely pleased….told ya…I’m gonna be a star. Just wait till I get those shoes….oh yes….shoes. Hey if anyone knows has taken up the option to adopt us yet can you let me know and I will write to them? I do hope so. It’s only from as little as £5 per month which I hope some people can afford. That would be a great help if a few people did that. Not that I’ve got shoes on the brain or anything but…… I do lmao.

Gabriel visited today to assess me. Then ecstasy…….I got to go into the field with Zara. I could not contain myself. Running about like a wee foal. Legs like Bambi. Mortified but it was magic. I rolled and I rolled again then I ran about some more. It was so fantabulous to be free and running about. I bet I will be sore tomorrow…totally overdid it of course….but you can’t blame a girl for being excited. I basked in the beautiful Scottish sunshine gobbling the lovely grass. Luckily it was a small paddock so I could not do too much damage by running about too far….they are clever here. We met lots of new people and ponies that day who all seemed pretty impressed with us. Then I noticed the lady who had collected us was standing with Lainey and her daughter Abby and was filming us so we went right up to them and smiled to say thank you. Have you seen the video on You Tube? You should take a look because all your wonderful donations have produced the results you see in the video and we thank you very much and hope you continue to donate to #Zara #Summer …..Remember “shoes”  on the brain….”shoes please” cheers.

    Monday 23rd June 2014

Week 4 of Summers Life at Horse Haven, Just How has she come on - Read on to see how well the treattment has been

Diary of a Rescued Horse - Week 4: Summer

 “Wow wee” major changes happening today. Zara and I came off isolation. Is that 21 days already? My goodness that time has passed in a flash. I heard that I am all good with the screening and have a clear strangles test which is ace and that means I am not going to pose any danger to the other horses and ponies already here. It’s cool, I knew I would be clear but its best to make absolutely sure so I did not mind the blood test. Hey, it would be fantastic to meet some of the horses and ponies here soon. In person I mean, not just hear them. The staff has taken away all the bio hazard notices and buckets of cleaning fluid so maybe there is a good chance we might get a look at some other parts of where we are. That would be interesting. Now, because you are all superstars and love horses do you think you believe in our recovery process enough to make a donation to help with the next level of rehab? I know you may have done it already and that makes you a star in my book. However there are many of you out there who have meant to …..and just not done it yet. Go on…..do it now…….you can do without a pizza or something and donate that money instead. That way you will be doing a great act of kindness and probably lose weight for your summer outfits too. Win:Win for everyone. Please help #Summer #Zara for our summer rehabilitation programme, thank you in advance.

Remember I was asking about the dung being collected and thought it was just plain weird. Well now I know why they were so interested in my poo. I was buzzing today when I found out that I have got so much healthier. When I came here to Horse Rescue Scotland Charity I had a worm count of over 800 and now I am in the “low” worm count category. I feel all jazzed up about that, go me. They gave my poo to the vet and that’s how they know the worm count. All makes sense now. I don’t think I would like that job, no sure, not for me that one.  I know I have put on weight and look a lot better, feeling better too so I had my picture taken and properly posed this time…still eating that lovely hay of course. Did you see the before and after pictures? Is it worth a £1 donation do you think to Horse Rescue Scotland Charity, go on, it is worth a £1 I know you think so too. Just txt it in, you will feel better after you have done that for me and Zara. Hey did you hear poor Zara needed sedated again to get her jabs, me I just let the vet give me the inoculation for flu & tetanus because I can’t wait to get out there and join in…even work one day I am all cool with that sort of thing. Hey…go girl…. Zara has a ZERO worm count I am stoked for her. Gabriel the Assessor was in today and I know I am scoring higher now, I feel it in my bones, I know I am.

Sunshine, lovely sunshine. It’s been a wee while so it felt glorious to feel those warm rays on my back. First time in 21 days I went for a walk. The Equine Behaviour and a nice lady came and took me and Zara a walk on the stable yard where we live now. It’s a lovely stables all clean and tidy and looks like it has been designed just for horses. I passed lots of stables for ponies so there are lots of friends for us here. The path is flat and easy for me to walk with no nobbly bits for me to trip up on.. I was a bit stiff but that’s no biggy, I will loosen up when I am out and about. There was an indoor exercise arena (I think it’s a riding school) and a lovely set of Courtyard stables that I saw. Then there was a horse barn full of stables and I am sure just round the corner I saw fields. The fields look lush with grass. I can’t wait to get out there, look like heaven. I turned to go back and to my surprise I saw some cows, so I guess we must be part of a farm but the cows were in a separate bit of the farm. Cool. I enjoyed my walk greatly then I got an extra treat. The lady from Horse Rescue Scotland who had walked across Scotland to raise money for me and Zara came in to see me and gave me a lovely extra groom. I was so thrilled. It was awesome to meet her; she has done so much for us. I wanted to thank her myself so I gave her some kisses. She did seem happy when she left. I think we could make a lot of people very happy allowing them to groom us. I will speak to Zara later about that. It would be a great way to raise money for our keep. Yip I told you I would be doing that, I can’t stand here and freeload. Hey…Zara…pow wow time….do you think people would want to donate to meet us now we are off isolation? That would be good to help the Charity….what do you think?

Ok, I am in love….have you seen Zac and Ringo…..they are “Catwalk” material. When I get my shoes on then look out boys…here I come….oh, I forgot I need to be walking a bit better, get my swagger on lol. I think I am walking a lot better since I have been here. Less stiff and the remedial shoes will really help me. I guess I need a few people adopting me to pay for the shoes.   Hurrry, hurry adopt me now. I need to get to meet these boys. Hubba hubba. I was given worming paste so I hope I will meet them soon. The people riding who saw me were kind and said I was looking a lot better even my rain scald is clearing. It’s all that hard work Horse Rescue Scotland Charity has done. They are so great. Then; as if life was not jamming enough; that lovely lady who walked across Scotland for us came right on in to see me, she really did. That was unexpected. She had a grooming brush and gave me cuddles and a lovely groom. She told me she loved me and gave me more cuddles. She said she and her family loved reading my diary. “Hey Lainey, Abby and Gran I have a special message for you. Thank you and I love you all too. Keep smiling. Life is great here. We are loved and asked for nothing in return. It’s awesome” I was given paste in my dinner….yip the poo thing again…..it’s still gross…..package it up however you like…just plain gross.  I will have no worms after this I am sure of it….then fields here I come….oooh and boys ….ahh

“Hey good lookin” yip that’s me. Have you seen the before and after pics? They are showing our great improvement if I do blow my own trumpet. Its these lovely stables, warm bed, clean water, hay, feed, grooming and expert professional care we are getting here at Horse Rescue Scotland. They not only talk the talk: we walk the walk as a testament to their care.. Please give generously to this great cause and let horse lovers all over the world know using social media. I heard HRS Charity have been contacted about another 3 horses this week but cannot take them in due in part to lack of funds available. All their funds are being spent on me and Zara. None of the Charity people take any payment. Let’s do what we can to change that donate #Summer #Zara #other horses. Horse Rescue Scotland will endeavour to allocate your donations to the area you would express a wish for, thank you.

Gabriel visited and we played some new assessment games. I’m still cool with it all and I’m walking better but just need those shiny shoes……come on peeps……donate for my Hand Made Shoes …. We need £70 which is not a lot if a few people decide to take ownership of my shoes. A girl needs shoes…..mine will be remedial….made special to help restore my walking Thank you and cheers for everyone who has donated.

The Equine Behaviour Consultant and another lady took us a walk. This time we were allowed to nibble on grass. It’s been a long time since we have seen the green nectar of life. I could not believe how sweet it tasted. Mmmm, more of that please. Perhaps we will make it out to a field soon, which would be awesome. Because you are all superstars I wish you could adopt me and then visit me….come on ….let’s do this….see ya

    Monday 14th June 2014

Week 3 of Summers new life.   See below her chatline for the week

Diary of a Rescued Horse Week 3: Summer

2 visitors today.   Loving the attention here. It’s cool how clever the people at Horse Rescue Scotland are…always something interesting for me to do while I am on isolation…. Hey I wonder how long this will last. I think I heard 21 days.   How long has it been now? Ah well 21 days of pampering is not too bad a gig I can handle that.   Had a great play time with the Equine Behaviour Consultant and loving the treats she gives us and I like the praise too, I like being a good girl.   Looks like I had another Assessment too, hope I scored a bit better than last time as 2.5 was chronic.    I am feeling brighter though just a bit on the puffy side.   I think I am retaining water.

The Vet visited today, ok what’s the deal?    I get why you want blood from me but why 2 lots?    Zara only had 1 lot of blood.   And….guys…..what is the deal with my dung?   I know you took some of Zara’s dung too so an explanation would be good…….cause that’s just plain gross, no offence.

Woohoo, the blood taken for kidney function came back normal.    Yes I am normal.    Yaas, go me.    So that’s why 2 lots of blood were taken from me and only 1 from Zara.    The puffy me worried them and they wondered if I had a malfunction in my kidneys.   Hey is it just me or do I sound like a computer lol?    But it’s all good.   The other blood test is a screening for Strangles so I know I have not seen any horse with that so I should be ok but it’s good to get checked out. But the dung thing…..anyone got a clue?   Hey, thanks for all the donations that have paid for the vet and other care we are getting here, thanks a million xxxx.    Loved my visit from the Equine Behaviour Consultant we had great fun, the treats were good too.   These games are a laugh that we play.   Lovin life at the moment.   Today is a good day.

Hey, remember I said Zara and I would think up ways to help raise money for the Horse Rescue Scotland Charity well we have an ace idea.   How about we get you all to adopt us for a small amount of money; maybe as little as £5 per month, more if you can manage a larger donation.   That would place regular money into our fund and means we can have the vet care and farrier intervention we need.   A girl does need shoes and I know mine will be expensive.   Remember , as if I need to remind you lol, all the Horse Rescue Scotland peeps are volunteers so all your money is spent on me and Zara.   It’s a good gig if you want your money going to a good cause.   I heard that in North Lanarkshire alone 195 Trusts out of 200 will not give any money to help animals (that only leaves 5 who would give to animals) so there are plenty of other charities out there getting money for other things.   If you can help that would be amazing. “Adopt #Summer #Zara on wwwhorserescuescotland.co.uk  I would be stoked if lots of you wanted to adopt me.   Zara too.   Leave your details on the website along with your donation and we can contact you thank you.   We will send you pictures and updates; you will really feel part of our lives.

Zara’s all worried because the results from the vet for our screening are not back yet.   Poor lamb, she worries a lot, me I am cool as a cucumber. I know we will be ok.   My head is still in the game for trying to raise funds for our keep.   It takes a lot of courage to ask people for money….I feel like such a free loader.   I know at the moment I have no choice but it still feels quite odd.   I know Horse Rescue Scotland are working really hard to try to keep us in comfort and they are doing a sterling job, thanks guys, but they do need  money to replenish the coffers we have already used up.   If you have any spare cash at all please donate to #Summer and #Zara that would be awesome, thank you, Summer

The place lights up like a Christmas tree at the weekend.   Everyone is happy and busy as a wee swarm of bees.   Me and Zara can’t wait to be part of it all.   We would love to be fit enough to stay here and take part in all that riding and laughter and enjoyment.  Such a buzz.  Love weekends.

A few curious people were asking about me and then about Zara, I think I heard they wanted to adopt both of us.   It was a wee boy and his mum.   I hope they did adopt us, I wonder how many more have done the same?   Let me know.   You can send me an email via the website at horserescuescotland.co.uk  Look forward to hearing from you…..cheeri

   Saturday 7th June 2014

Diary of a Rescued Horse - Week 2: Summer

It’s like my taste buds were dancing the Tango across my tongue. The apples burst into flavour followed by the carrots and there was lovely food in the bucket too. It tastes like Alpha A with oil and Conditioning cubes, manna from heaven. This was only 1 of the 2 feeds I got today in addition to my hay nets. It was spot on. I will rave about this for weeks.

The man who assesses me came in today and I had a “Conditioning Score” completed looking at my abilities and my weight and my coat etc. I’m still lame and retaining fluid in my legs so I know it’s going to be a disaster of a score. I got a 2.5 which is bad enough but I heard Zara only got a 2 poor babe. Zara has nick named him the “guardian angel” I like the idea so I am going to call him that too. Or maybe I will call him Gabriel ( he was the guardian angel wasn’t he?)   I suppose it’s slightly worse for me as I am only 11 years old where Zara is a bit of a wise old chickadee (20 something) but she doesn’t talk about her age. Err hem, I didn’t either….will deny it in a court of law.

I got my rug off today which was great. I like the freedom of not wearing it but I was so cold before I came here I was grateful for it. I have put on enough weight now to be able to stand in my stable without it on all day.

Zara and I are going to think up ways we can help the Charity Horse Rescue Scotland raise money. It may take a while to get the cogs turning but I am sure we will think of a plan to help. After all, that lady from the committee of Horse Rescue Scotland who picked out Zara’s name raised money and walked across Scotland for Zara and I (#Zara #Summer). If that’s not dedication what is? The volunteer child who picked out my name donated her Easter money….what an Angel. There have been others too walking the Forth and Clyde Canal and Falkirk Branch of Yorkshire Bank donated money which is why Zara and I are able to be here (help donate for #Zara and #Summer) Ok so now I’m on fire, let me get back to you with some ideas…  Zara worries about these things, me…less so. I know that when I am recovered I can probably work again and help to raise money for my keep….and for keeping Zara too.  I am a great worker when I am fit and well. We just need some funding….for now. Then I will be totally up for it.

Body blow like a kidney punch. The wind was knocked right out of my sails when I heard the news my owner was seriously ill with cancer and had been in hospital. As you all know I can’t look after myself so I need my owner to be healthy or I become collateral damage. And I am collateral damage all lamed up and in poor condition (2.5 remember….oh my giddy aunt that is a low score). But at least I have not been given that nasty cancer diagnosis, no sir, no thank you.

Poor man he must be done in. He needs help as much as Zara and I do so I heard he has got chemotherapy and is back home but not able to go out of his house. Maybe he is on “isolation” too….just like me and Zara. Well he needs all his strength and energy to get himself better so I bet he was pleased to hear we are being taken good care of by Horse Rescue Scotland. I heard he adopted us out willingly as he knew he could not manage us in his condition and did not know where to turn for help. Dude….that was an awesome selfless act of human kindness on your part adopting us out to HRS and I can only thank you for that and send warm loving fuzzy stuff to hope you get better. Get well Dude xx

Well…maybe that’s an idea…maybe we need to be letting cancer charities know how well we are doing at Horse Rescue Scotland. Cancer Charities have lots of money…..maybe they can spare some for HRS…………that would help #Zara and #Summer.


“Gabriel"….or will I shorten it to Gabe…no, I like Gabriel better” came in today and thoroughly went through training and assessment with me today. I am feeling a bit puffy still with fluids. I wonder if he has noticed? I’m sure he has. He has a tablet computer and marks everything in it on a score sheet. I think he will put the Fact Sheet with my scores on the Horse Rescue Website soon. He should see my weight has gone up with the fantastic buckets of food morning and evening and the hay we get here all the time.

The man who came to collect me from my old yard came to see me today and this time he brought his daughter. They were really nice to me and just smiled and chatted from a distance. I think he might come every week to see me, that is awesome!

Last thing the Equine behaviour Consultant came in to see me. I am not bothered I know I behave well. I am cool and calm and self-assured so it’s all good. She is laid back…..like Dillon from the “Magic Roundabout”. Lol. She has linseed pellets as a treat and they are like sweeties. I love them. More please….thank you.


Hey have you been on You Tube and seen my video? Actually I looked a disaster on the video. I was stumbling about, not moving well….looked like an old duck waddling on dry land ……not good at all. Still that leaves lots of room to improve. I suppose all of you reading this did not really know how bad I was so now you know! I am feeling a lot better because I am not hungry and thirsty but I am still lame. Can you help at all?

I am going to need money donated for the Vet and special shoes from the Farrier to make me stand a chance of getting better. If you can help, no matter how little it will really make a difference to me and to Zara (#Summer #Zara donate) thank you so much. I know loads of you have helped already…cheers for that.

Gabriel is showing a lot of interest and visiting every 2 days it would seem. These assessments are cool. I quite like the assessment and training stuff. It takes my mind off other things. It passes a wee half hour in a fun way. He always praises me and never asks me to do anything for him in return for the praise. In fact no one at Horse Rescue Scotland is asking us to do anything at all; they are just taking good care of us for now. That is a great feeling.

Saturday: I aspire to be one of the horses I hear on a weekend having fun and larking about with adults and children. I know I can manage to achieve this goal with your help. I know I can. I believe that with every fibre of my body. I am only 11 and I have a lot to give back. I call out to the horses and ponies and they call back. They let me know its fun to be a horse here. I like the sound of that. One day, one day soon……


Sunday: Gabriel came to do the Assessment and Training for a half hour and the Equine Behaviour Consultant came in for a wee while at the end of the day. She spends more time with Zara than me but that’s ok. I am cool with that. I do enjoy both visits they are fun.


The volunteers at Horse Rescue Scotland are very dedicated to us. It is amazing that they are doing this for no pay at all. They give up their time and their skills but we do still need money for food and vet and farriery among other things. I do hope you can help in some way? Join Horse Rescue Scotland as a Volunteer if you have any ideas and you can meet me in person one day soon when I am off “isolation”. See ya,,,,

   Monday 2nd June 2014

Its been two weeks now since Mares 01052014 Case ID 0004 aka Summer was brought into our care.   A lot has happened over these two weeks and Summer has come along in great leaps and bounds.    In order to make this a little bit different, we thought that it would be nice to see what a lifestyle change has been from the Mares prospective. 

Diary of a Rescued Horse Summer Week 1


Today something quite exciting happened. The people from Horse Rescue Scotland came to see me.  There was 1 man and 3 ladies. I felt very important as I could hear them all talking about me. They were looking at me all over and I felt quite worried because I am quite lame and in pain at the back end. I could feel my tail clamp right in as I tried to walk. My walking was terrible and I’m a lot thinner than I should be for my height.

I saw that there was a lot of interest in me and I knew something was happening as the man was filming me. I have quite a lot of scars from old injuries on my legs and white hair grows there. I have grass cracks on my hooves and I could see they were quite concerned about that too. They seemed quite kind and then I saw a horse trailer. What did all this mean? I did not know why or where I was going so I decided I did not want to go on the trailer. I was too sore to walk and my legs were all puffy with fluid. The ground was very uneven and I could not balance very well. I knew they wanted me to go on the trailer because that had put a tail bandage on me hmmm. Not for me, no thank you I refused to go up the ramp and backed away. Then I saw that my friend had gone on the trailer and that made me want to go too. I rushed onto that baby as if I was getting out of “Dodge”. I heard later on we got the nick names of “Thelma and Louise” What a laugh.

I was not really very happy where I had been living recently and I had not seen my owner for quite some time. I don’t know if my owner had realised I had got quite lame since he had last been around. I was feeling really hungry and thirsty and I spied 1 lovely big hay net in the trailer beside my friend who was already munching away happily on her hay net. It’s going to be ok I thought. Wherever we are going it’s going to be ok. And look ….we are going together.

When we stopped at the other end guess what? It was a great place. There was a lovely flat road for me to walk on and I could feel that I was loosening up as I headed to my new “crib” Yip, me and my friend had “arrived” there was a big fancy stable with a big comfy bed, enough crystal clear water to satisfy any horse, and yes you guessed it….more of that lovely hay all ready for us in a big hay net. What an amazing place. I could not wait to get a load off my hooves and lie down on that comfy bed.


 It was very early when the first man came in in the morning which was great because I had scoffed 2 large hay nets overnight, I had also drank loads of water. I had no idea how thirsty and hungry I had been. He was very nice too and he gave me fresh hay and water. I was quite curious about everything. I let him put my head collar on and guess what….I’m so impressed with myself I walked so much better. He cleaned out my stable and gave me a nice big fresh bed.    Luxury.   I let him groom me and pick out my hooves. I’m quite good with front hooves but I did let him know that I did not like the back hooves picked up too high for too long. He was great and bent down to keep my hind legs low to pick out my hooves.  I called out for other horses but it was only me and my friend so I settled back down to eat. He came back again at lunch and dinner time to make sure I had full hay net and clean water. It’s amazing how much I am eating, drinking and sleeping.    Must be a wee holiday.

Later in the evening I could hear children and other ponies in the distance. I called to them and they answered back. I could hear one of the instructors chuckling and calling me and my friend the “chatty Cathy’s”. A nice lady came and tucked me up for the night making sure I had fresh water and hay. So…I’m confused….call me crazy or what but am I Thelma? Louise?   Or Cathy???



It was well good. The man came early again; he’s great. Always on time just when I need a refill of water and hay. I had a luxury groom. I had a wee walk then he left me happy to eat my hay and drink my clean water….ooh this is the life. The man made me a lovely clean bed and I find it so comfy to sleep on.  He came back again at lunch with more hay and again at dinner time. There’s always food and clean water this is Havana.

There seems to be plenty going on here but I just can’t see it, I can hear stuff though. There seems to be lots of different horses and ponies so it will be great to make new friends. All in good time I’m quite contented for now being pampered. I can actually feel I am beginning to relax and stretch. My puffy legs are less puffy and I feel a bit better walking and standing. I’m taking it easy though. No rush. The lady came again in the evening making sure I had fresh water and hay and tucked me up for the night, she is lovely.

The man who came to collect me from my old yard came to see me today. He was really nice to me and just smiled and chatted from a distance.


I’m enjoying being here. There is always someone to take good care of me every day in the morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening. I get to eat lots and drink plenty. No one seems to be asking me to do anything which is lovely. I’m starting to relax and feel a bit better in myself. I enjoy being groomed. My friend is beside me for company so we are just chillin! Putting on weight too.


I had 2 new visitors today other than my grooms.   Guess who’s getting new shoes…yes me J The Farrier checked my hooves and has taken my measurements for when I am out of “Isolation”. He said I will have remedial corrective shoes for all 4 hooves. Wow I am a lucky girl. All new and made just for me. They will help me to walk better and help heal my grass cracks. It will help with my lameness too. It’s been a while since I’ve had nice new shoes. Can’t wait. I’m gonna walk with a clippety clop. You will know I’m coming down the street strutting in my new shoes.

The second visitor was very special. He had treats, my favourite, carrots. He was very helpful and encouraging saying I was a good girl when I did what he asked. He seemed pleased with my legs and how well I was standing. He had a bonding session with me and he gave me lots of pats and praise. I felt so loved and special. He had a lot of things he wanted to look at and try with me so I was fairly happy to go along with it. I liked this game with treats.


Wow, what a buzz…the place came alive early with children and adults all riding and having fun. I could hear them and it sounded amazing. I think there are lots of happy ponies and horses here. They must be out in fields or something because me and my friend seem to be the only ones in stables at night in our area. Ok so now I know I’m in isolation but it won’t be for too long. Only the groom came right in to see me. I had a lovely groom and massage; it was a lady that I had not seen before. I got my new hay, water and bed…just right.

A lady came and took my photo today, it was the lady who had collected me, I was quite impolite and gave a funny face with a mouth that had hay sticking out of it. I think she put it on Facebook, I’m not too shy and thought people would want to see me eating, huh.



I got a new name today “Summer” I like it very much. I’m quite playful so I do like the idea of being named after a season that is fun filled. I keep saying it over and over and I do believe it’s a good name for me. It was kind people who donated £1 per name entry to help me get better. The name was picked from a hat. It was a girl who is a volunteer from Horse Rescue Scotland who selected the name from all the names that had been put in. I think I will like being called Summer.

The place was buzzing again but the best news was my new name. Summer….yes it suits me right down to a tee.