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Within this page we will post online some documents that let you the reader see what we are trying to achieve in other modes of our work.   These dockets take many hours to complete especially with the hard and fast figures within.   All we ask of you the readers is to please download each article and have a good read making your own informed decision.   Once complete we would ask of you to please add your comments to each of the articles.    A bit of legal stuff.   This is a public site and all ages read items here.   Please note that any abusive, obscene postings will be removed immediately.   We ask all of our readers to alert us by e-mail to the fact that an improper comment has been made so action can be taken as quickly as possible to remove the offensive material.

   Sunday 13th April 2014

The first of many of our own articles for you to download and read.  THE CRISIS IN EQUINE WELFARE, ANIMAL RIGHTS AND THE PATHWAY TO RESOLUTION.    Please add in you comments below, thank you.

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