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At the very core of the activities of Horse Rescue Scotland, we anticipate the need to recruit and train a considerable number of Volunteer Associates of every age and both sexes.    There is not an accredited riding establishment in Scotland that does not in some regard rely upon the goodwill and freely donated assistance of volunteers young and old to help maintain their stock in good health and their establishments in good order.  There is no formal recruitment mechanism in place for this activity and it is largely organic – young riders helping out around the yards in return for reduced riding lesson rates or simply because they enjoy it.

Horse Rescue Scotland envisages setting up an online Volunteer Associate database wherein anyone with an interest in horses and ponies can register and then be put in contact with local establishments.   Taking that simple principle one stage further, Horse Rescue Scotland will seek to recruit volunteers to actively participate and assist in the direct care and rehabilitation needs of equines taken into our care and management.

We envisage volunteers being assigned specific project horses and ponies so that they can become part of the rehabilitation process itself. 

Our volunteers help raise money and the awareness of our good work within their local communities and further afield! There are many of benefits in becoming a Horse Rescue Scotland volunteer.  You will learn more about horses with our dedicated training regimes.  Meet new people whilst making new friends.   Develop or gain new skills and experiences to build into your CV which in turn will help you gain confidence and self-esteem.  You will also become part of a valued team allowing you to give something back to the horses and ponies you have grown to love and respect.

Fundraising volunteers

As a charity that is entirely reliant on donations, fundraising is an essential part of what Horse Rescue Scotland does. This means organising events, sending out appeals, managing merchandise and much more to ensure that the charity raises as much as it possibly can to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many horses as possible. Horse Rescue Scotland needs volunteers to join the creative fundraising department, one to help with postal returns and another to assist in legacy marketing – a major source of income for the charity.

Communications volunteers

Communications are responsible for contact with the outside world - without them; the public wouldn’t know what the charity is doing to help horses around the world. Join the fast-paced communications team at Horse Rescue Scotland to help with administrative duties.   Horse Rescue Scotland is happy if you can spare a few hours a day or a few days a week at our offices to help the charity reach its goals. Most roles will involve: Using a computer; handling sensitive information, photographs and training.

A short note for Volunteers that have already offered assistance

Dear Colleagues

When Horse Rescue Scotland was launched on the 6th January 2014 you all very kindly contacted us to offer your services as volunteers.   We have had a fantastic response which we have found to be deeply gratifying.


We are now in the position of designing a series of volunteer training programme and would like to invite you to give us your own ideas to the training needs development you would like to see in place.


What we ideally would like to see in every volunteer receiving accredited ABRS/BHS training courses and would welcome your views on that.  Accreditation with ABRS/BHS would provide recognised national qualifications.   However we fully appreciate that not every volunteer is in a position to provide physical assistance.


We have been truly astonished by the volunteers contacting us to say that they cannot provide “hands on” help but are more than happy to provide professional advice and services for free – reducing the costs and overheads of Horse Rescue Scotland considerably.   One example – one of our volunteers provided free training courses to several Horse Rescue Scotland Trustees in aspects of social media presentation. The value of this was considerable.


We would like to ensure that all of our volunteers gain something out of their association with Horse Rescue Scotland and accredited training would seem the obvious route – but not the only one.  So please contact us with your ideas and help us to find a valuable and positive role for you.


Kind Regards – The Administrator for Horse Rescue Scotland

30th September 2014 Update from the new Treasurer

Dear All,
I hope you are all well.
I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, I am Penny McIntyre and I have recently taken on the role of Treasurer for Horse Rescue Scotland. I am really looking forward to meeting you all as we continue to support the critical work of Horse Rescue Scotland.
I did have the opportunity to meet a number of our fantastic volunteers at the open day last weekend and what a brilliant day it was - I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great to meet our new Gelding who was named 'Buddy',  thanks to the name the gelding competition. We had a raffle, beautiful painted and decorated horse shoes (all of which previously belonged to Horse Haven horses), a cake stall, loom band crafts and wobble walks, which were all available on the day. We have also been collecting clothes for 'cash for clothes' collections and as a result of all your efforts we have to date managed to raise £715.
It is our volunteers that make Horse Rescue Scotland so successful and because of you we have already rescued 3 horses since the charity became registered at the beginning of the year; but we need more help.....So how can you get more involved?
There are lots of ways that you can help Horse Rescue Scotland raise essential funds to support the important work that we are undertaking.
We need help with the horses themselves and a number of you have been really hands on and absolutely fantastic with the support you have given - so a huge thanks. But I am really aware that not everyone can give or is qualified to support in this way and thank goodness because we have lots of other important and critical work that needs to be undertaken, including writing funding applications, communications and fundraising. We have already had some fantastic support in setting up the website, donations of rugs and tack and fundraising activities from our volunteers, including sponsored walks, ice bucket challenges and loom band sales. There are just far to many of you all to thank in this short e-mail.
As volunteers you are our ambassadors - you can tell people about the fantastic work we are all doing, you can introduce our charity to your friends and families and you can encourage others to volunteer to help with our charity - the more the merrier and the more opportunity we have to utilise people's skills ( and not just hands on horse experience).
As volunteers you can help with fundraising - why not do a sponsored event with your family and friends to raise money for Horse Rescue Scotland. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions about how we can raise more essential funds for Horse Rescue Scotland and you can e-mail me at penny.mcintyre@horserescuescotland.com with all of these - I am really looking forward to hearing from you!
Simple things such as liking or sharing our face book page and posts and following us on twitter will help us to widen the number of people who are aware of the work we are undertaking and may hopefully encourage other people to get involved or donate. In fact you could help right away with this, as we have today launched our online silent auction. The details of our first lot, which is a winter season ticket for Lochview Family Golf Centre/ Palacerigg Golf Course, are on the Horse Rescue Scotland website, our Facebook and Twitter pages; please share these and encourage your friends and family to bid. There are more fantastic lots to come throughout October, so please keep an eye out and keep sharing. We also have a pair of lady Gaga tickets advertised for sale on Gum tree, again all the links are on social media so share, share, share as all these awesome items have been donated to the charity and as such every penny goes to helping Summer, Zara and Buddy and horses like them.
Viewing and sharing our youtube videos also raises money for our charity, as does easyfundraising - all you need to do is register at their website (http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/horserescuescotland) and when you or your family or friends are shopping online with their associated retailers the charity receives donations. Again all of these links are on our social media sites.
I will be sending you all regular updates on what is going on, so that you can keep up to date on what is happening in the Horse Rescue Scotland family and find out about opportunities where you can help and get more involved.
Thank you to all of you on behalf of Summer, Zara and Buddy - without your continued support none of it would be possible.
I will be in touch very soon with more details of how you can get involved, but in the meantime please do e-mail me with your ideas, suggestions and fundraising activities.
I look forward to seeing you very soon and working with you all in the future.
Penny McIntyre
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